Back pain can be felt as a sharp pain or as just aches at first. Back pain is often triggered by previous strenuous activity, but sometimes back pain occurs only as a result of light activity such as bending over to grab something. The causes of back pain can occur due to injuries, infections, degeneration diseases, scoliosis, and other conditions that can trigger abnormalities in the spine in the back area. Try the back pain breakthrough to help you.

Generally, they will seek help or make an effort to resolve complaints of back pain after a serious complaint arises, which may be the problem or damage that has been getting worse and persistent. Experts who understand spinal problems say it is very important to immediately address the complaints of back pain that are felt. Early intervention can help prevent the problem from becoming chronic (due to lasting damage) and help to reduce the risk of further drug use and surgery.

Limit Bed Rest
Bed rest is recommended in the acute phase of back pain. However, bed rest is not recommended for too long, because it will increase the pain for activities afterward. Bed rest that is too long will actually make the muscles and tissue structures in the spinal area stiffen and will trigger the pain to move afterward. The doctor will recommend the patient to stay mobile and perform non-stressful activities within 24–72 hours with necessary restrictions.

Maintain Posture
Posture greatly affects the condition of the back (spine) and incorrect posture can trigger or aggravate complaints of back pain experienced. Incorrect posture can increase the tension (strain) of the tissue structures in the back area, which may go on for years without realizing it. Most people have bad posture when doing daily activities.

Maintain Weight
Obesity or overweight will put extra pressure or burden on your back to keep your body in a stable position. But a body that is too thin also has a risk of experiencing back problems. People who are very thin are more likely to have porous bone structure and so they are prone to problems.