In this election process must be able to calculate a land area. The process of installing sheet piles also requires consideration to determine the weight of each pile itself. If a sheet piling has a long size then you have to take several points to reduce the length of the pile which is less supportive. In general, the process of lifting sheet piles is used to minimize the level of damage or fracture to a pile. The first step before you carry out the concrete sheet pile erection process is that you first determine the two right points for the installation of the concrete sheet pile. Then for the work, you can use tools such as theodolite and also a water pass. But you can also do this manually and can be done casually CMILC.

The next thing you have to do is determine a long point, then do the erection process by installing an anchor. If you still don’t know what is an Angkor, the Angkor itself are two types of concrete pieces that are often used to strengthen or tidy up a building structure. Installation of this anchor is carried out during the erection process so that a concrete sheet pile can be used as a place to put a guide. Therefore, this installation is carried out parallel and standing upright with a line whose passing level has been predetermined. Before you do the concrete installation process, what you have to do is to survey or visit a project site first. This is done so that you can get a detail about the project location and can also determine a line graduation level.

Guide Beam is a supporting tool that functions to straighten the sheet pile to stand up. In the installation process, the guide also functions to make the sheet pile installation process easier when it is hit using a hanger or vibre so that the sheet pile position remains stable.