Having a violent and sadistic personality, makes Sukuna so eagerly awaited to show their full strength. He never cared about the consequences of his decisions and actions. The king of this curse is in the body of Yuji’s theory who has good qualities. There is a reason why Sukuna is nicknamed the king of curses. This is due to his ability to fight. His immense power is greatly feared by the demon curses and becomes a troublesome enemy for jujutsu magicians. Equipped with physical strength and speed, making him one of the main characters in this anime. Apart from that, you can also check out other Anime characters names with cool looks, abilities, and personalities.

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The extraordinary ability he has is that he can use curses non-stop. Unlike other curse demons that have a limit to using curses, Sukuna can use them endlessly and tirelessly.

He has body resistance too. If all the fingers were gathered, no matter how much strength he had, would it be comparable to the strength of Gojo Satoru?

This cursed spirit has a very fast regeneration. He can restore the integrity of his body in a super short time. He was also able to repair Itadori’s cut hand. This great power is of course very much needed and important when fighting.

With this ability, he can get more leverage and last longer with a body condition without lu

Not only that, Sukuna can enter into a contract or bind an oath which is accompanied by an agreement made by Itadori and sukuna. There are two conditions put forward by the sukuna and getting approval from Itadori.

The first “sukuna asked for one minute to fully control itadori’s body” and the second condition was that Itadori had to forget the agreement that had been made. this agreement was made by both of them to revive Itadori again. Even though Itadori had refused, but because he lost to the duel he suggested, finally the rules were followed. After rising, Itadori forgot the agreement that had been agreed upon. However, Satoru Gojo seems to be aware of this.