Have you heard the stories of some people who benefited from investing with small capital? If so, of course, this will make you tempted, right! As someone who is not very familiar with the world of investing, of course, you have concerns about starting investing. Maybe now you only dare to take the safest way to save money, namely by saving money that is owned in the bank. If you dare to start investing with us at http://www.forexkenya.net/binary-options-kenya.html from now on, the benefits you will get in the future will be even more.

Investments can be made by anyone of any age, and starting investment does not have to be a direct investment with a large amount of capital. So many investment instruments that can be done with small but profitable capital, you know. So, you don’t need to worry and start investing as early as possible because, through the instruments that will be discussed below, you can get benefits with small investment capital. Mutual funds are one of the investment instruments that can be chosen for small investors and it is also suitable for beginners who want to try investing. Several mutual fund companies provide a minimum investment requirement with a low nominal value of around 100,000. So the nominal money that you invest in mutual funds will be rotated by the company and you just have to wait for the interest yield with the promised tenor.

However, every investment has risks, including liquidity risk, which is the risk that occurs due to difficulties in providing cash within a certain time. For example: if a party cannot pay its obligations due in cash. Even though the party has an asset that is sufficiently valuable to pay off its obligation, when the asset cannot be converted into cash immediately, the asset is said to be illiquid. This can happen if the debtor is unable to sell his property because there are no other parties in the market interested in buying it.