Before starting how to paint the walls of the house, you need to prepare some of the tools and materials needed. Starting from duct tape, newspapers, stairs, putty, brushes, sandpaper, water cans, rollers, wall paint, paint remover, and detergent. If you don’t want the hassle and waste a long time, then you need to prepare all the tools and materials. You need to understand that the materials and tools do not always depend on things that have been mentioned previously. You can increase or decrease it as needed by painting the walls of the house. However, in this tip, we will focus on the early preparation stage. Meanwhile, if you need some help in painting your house, we recommend you hire home painting services.

Cleaning the walls or walls is one of the ways to paint the walls. The reason is, you have to ensure the cleanliness of the walls from the dust that sticks because if it is still dirty, the paint you apply will not be even and smooth. So, you can also be sure that you are less successful in beautifying the walls of the house.

So for that, you need to clean the walls first using a broom, duster, or vacuum cleaner. If you find some large stains or rickshaws, clean them by mixing detergent and water then wipe the walls using a sponge and let them dry for a while. You can also clean the exfoliated paint using sandpaper or a paint remover.

Next, you need to cover some of the parts you don’t want to paint. For example, such as door handles, window frames, ceiling edges, and several other parts that you do not want to be exposed to liquid wall paint. You can cover it with tape or duct tape.

For those of you who have several items located around the wall to be painted, you can cover them with newspaper so they don’t get splashed. Besides, you can also use newspaper to cover the floor to avoid paint splashes. After you’ve painted the wall, be sure to remove the tape or tape.