An objective job evaluation must indeed be carried out as one of the basic assessments of salary adjustments. However, it is not only that which is used as a reference but also the assessment of the employees themselves. Ask whether the employees feel that they are doing their best and giving their best potential? Then, do they feel that there is still much that they can provide for the company? Besides that, you can also try paystub if you wish to have an effective way to make online paychecks.

You also have to pay attention to the employee’s effort or performance in doing something that isn’t even their job. Often employees take certain initiatives for work teams or companies to achieve company goals.

Then, also set specific (realistic) goals that you want the employee to achieve, and use incremented percentages to reward them or make a salary adjustment.

Finally, the salary analysis report helps you to see the amount of salary given to employees compared to the average salary for the related position.

Providing salaries above average makes your company competitive and able to retain quality employees.